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Kelly Brook Will Make You Smile In Places You Didn't Even Know You Had

My Stairmaster coach, Frans Dubliner, asked me the other day if could I ever imagine not lusting Kelly Brook. I replied with an obscure German saying that translates roughly to, 'When I am gone, the goats will eat the pigs food'. Frans just shook his head, he knew how deep my feelings run for the indomitable Kelly Brook, the master of the body curve, the mistress of all things leggy, and the squeezable condiment on my hot dog, read into that what you will.

Kelly Brook so bewoodens us, that we even make a point of showing her off in her clothes. Like in the Giles Deacon Fashion Awards over the weekend, where a bunch of hooey was talked about a bunch of stuff I know nothing about, by people I don't care much for, but for the beacon of sextastic known as Kelly Brook. From the darkness to the hotness. Enjoy.

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