Kate Winslet Hot Enough to Give Sight to the Venetian Blind

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There were a ton and a half of big-time European film fests this weekend in various historic ports of call, many of which I've had the pleasure to be arrested in in the past, far too many for our lazy field agents to cover, so I'm going to pick my overall weekend Euro-cinematic hottie and it may be a surprise: Kate Winslet.

I suppose this is somewhat of one of those cumulative, long overdue prizes, because while the likes of Salma Hayek, Monica Bellucci, Gwynneth Paltrow, and Emma Stone were  flirting about the red carpets of France and Italy over the holiday, Kate Winslet is one uniquely framed MILF that simply does not get enough accolades for the sexually-charged roles she plays in film, and even television, such as her role in Mildred Pierce, which she was pimping at the Venice Film Festival. Kate looked downright Valkyrian on the crimson walkway, flashing a real body with real curves that made me really, well, appreciative in a masculine gesture of anatomical glee. Kate, if I could rise without turning red myself, I'd hand you this award. Enjoy.

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