Kate Upton vs. Candice Swanepoel in Ultimate Hottie Lingerie Battle for Victoria's Secret

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Not sure why, but the word 'ridonkulous' keeps coming to mind, and given that it's not even a real word, I assume I'm just suffering some type of paralysis of analysis thanks to the epic level of Victoria's Secret hotness in this battle of two ultimate sex-fighting champions in Kate Upton and Candice Swanepoel, two of the sexiest women on the face of this spinning gaseous orb we call mother Earth. I can't imagine actually picking a 'hotter' winner between these two stunners, but I can imagine watching them wrestle in lingerie, getting all sweaty on my living room carpet for several hours before I let them know they're both winners in my book and that I'm in bad need of a nap from exertion. Kate and Candice. Wow. Enjoy.

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