Jessica Alba Leads Contingent of Latina Hotties at Alma Awards

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I could not support a cause greater than one dedicated to putting more hot and sultry Latinas in film and television roles, which I suppose was sort of one of the unspoken tenets of the NCLR Alma awards over the weekend, which handed out awards to a bunch of sextastic Hispanics for looking super hot, including, and never ever forgetting, halfsy Jessica Alba, making her first glam appearance since popping out her last pup, Demi Lovato, who has made a big time sexy comeback, still almost single lust-inducer Eva Longoria, underrated young hottie Francia Raisa, Glee schooler, Naya Rivera, and Sarah Shahi of pseudo lesbionic L Word renown.

Wow. It's the entire cast of the naughty quinceañera fantasy I have thrice nightly. Enjoy.

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