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Jennifer Garner Whale Tail Tells a Tale of Formerly Sexy Seas

You can take the mom out of the sextastic, but you can't take the sextastic out of the mom.

The more Jennifer Garner tries to hide everything that is inherently hot about herself in her baggy mom jeans and oversized sweaters, the more her inner sexy beast refuses to let go. Trust me, I took a semester of Psych at community college, I'm pretty much spot-on with my diagnoses. Thus, while the former Alias star and all-around innate hottie transforms herself further into Carol Brady territory, there's just some things she can't give up. Like her hot pink thongs, a subconscious link to her past, a past that filled us to the brim with lust. Sometimes a whale tail bespeaks of a much deeper nautical adventure. Enjoy.

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