Eva Amurri Can Barely Contain Her Bachelorette Rack During Vegas Party

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Eva Amurri, well, the lust-engagement has lingered now since her multi-topless appearances in Californication, and never really stopped, as the boobtastic-offspring of Susan Sarandon continues to exhibit her talented twosomes at each and ever photo opportunity, including her very own bachelorette party, which was hosted and sponsored by a Vegas nightclub over the past weekend. Now, I'm not exactly sure how you get an official sponsor for your bachelorette or bachelor party, but I'm sure my buddy Sal Pintino would've preferred that we had got a sponsor for his recent pre-nuptial dude party so that we could've got an actual woman to provide his last extra-curricular gonadial experience (Sal, if you're reading this, we're all still sorry about that). Enjoy.

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