Elisabetta Canalis Flashes the Sexy Italiana Midriff (In Your Face, Clooney)

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To hell with public decency, it would be indecent of model hottie and Dancing With the Stars early favorite, Elisabetta Canalis, to not show that taut and tight tummy of hers when running out from the studio to grab a quick sandwich (and, let's be real, she's not eating sandwiches, but perhaps to purchase a leaf or two of Romaine).  The freshly single and de-Clooney'd hottie has been working up a serious sweat the past few weeks, beginning what she's calling her new life, which I can only hope doesn't mean she's already worked her way past the new for a underwhelming, emotionally empty, rebound shtupping, because I do believe this is my best, and only, chance. Enjoy.

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