Elisabetta Canalis Flashes Her Finely Tuned Body for a Post-George Comeback

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Look, at some point, if you're a hot actress or model, there's about an 89% chance you'll end up in the sack with George Clooney, and 100% chance thereafter that you'll be dumped by Clooney when you bring up the 'M' word. So, lesson learned, Elisabetta Canalis, who seems to have faired well from her recent dumpage, something international supermodels are simply not programmed to handle I suppose, but Elisabetta seems to have been working the weights and fine tuning her already finely tuned body for a post-George rebound, starting with her Dancing With the Stars engagement. Good on you, Elisabetta, now, let's turn this negative into a positive with some nekkid photos perhaps? Enjoy.

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