Chloe Simms and Karen Gillan Steal My Lower Heart at British TV Choice Awards

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It was a tough call to decide between the obvious assets of Chloe Simms from The Only Way is Essex, and Karen Gillan, fanboy faptastic from Dr. Who, in terms of who my date would be to the very extra Britty TV Choice Awards. Luckily, my invitation to the swank event got lost in the transatlantic postal service, relieving me of such a Hobson's Choice (not sure that actually applies here, but I promised myself  back in high school detention that I'd employ that term someday). And, wouldn't you know, Chloe and Karen both looked absolutely amazing in their own sextastic manner.  One for the quick party, one for the long slow making of the sexy (up to five minutes, depending upon football games being on the tube). Enjoy.

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