Beyonce Pregnant and Hot and Pimping the Stink

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I can't really keep track of which celebrity is pimping which 'groundbreaking' fragrance these days; considering all these spray-on stanks are produced in the exact same factory, it's hard to get excited. Besides, maybe this is just personal, but I don't want my lady smelling like chemically-reconstructed lavender, I like the smell of double-doubles from In & Out Burger, when is that going to be available in an Eau de toilette?

But I digress. Because Beyonce, being all with child, and with hotness, looked absolutely lust-to-the-max inducing last night at her turn at the odorific money-making machine, flashing her ride 'em legs and what will promise to be an ever-swelling bosom these next many months. Smells all good from down here. Enjoy.

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