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Audrina Patridge and Lynn Patridge Mother Daughter Bikini Pictures Might Just Be My Mental Undoing

I think my explicable, yet disturbing passion for hot moms and daughters is quite well documented, and while I am receiving careful and unorthodox therapeutic treatment for this kinky affliction, what's a poor pervert to do when up against the likes of the bikini-clad Audrina Patridge and her drunky-poo hot mom, Lynn Patridge. I mean, seriously, how is a semi-sane man not supposed to imagine sharing a floating chaise lounge chair in a pool of naughty mom-daughter sandwich making of the sexy when these Patridge girls are strutting the beaches in their little bikinis, flashing their inter-generational hot bodies and ripe, plump, full bosoms. Am I not to imagine girls night at the Patridge house, doing each other's hair, bathing in essential oils, the hot rock massages where the ladies discover that that ain't exactly rocks that are hot on their backs when masseuse Egotastic! is at the handsy end of their sexy body treatments.

Oh, my, I need to call Dr. Teddy Ruxpin ASAP. I think I need more sessions. Enjoy.

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