Alexandra Stan Saxobeat Sextastic For Upcoming FHM (VIDEO)

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Okay, so maybe you don't find yourself clad in rayon late night in the clubs, acting hipster and dancing amid the bubbles and the bubble-headed girls to the world's worst music, but, if you did, you would be quite familiar with this summer's music-obnoxious dance mix hit, Saxobeat, courtesy of Romanian breakout pop star, Alexandra Stan. None of which would matter too much, you can always change the music channel, were it not for the fact that Alexandra Stan is pretty damn hot and featured in the October edition of FHM. Now, we take notice. So, with our ears closed, and our eyes open, we say hello to perhaps our new favorite Romanian pop sensation (no offense to Inna). Enjoy.

(The full interview and photo-shoot appears in this month's FHM, on sale now. You can always check out exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Alexandra's photo shoot online.)

Alexandra Stan in her brief, but sexy FHM photoshoot video:

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