Zoe Saldana Looks Hot, Kicks Ass, Fires Guns in Colombiana

With just eleven days left to go, am I geeked to check out the sultry sextastic Zoe Saldana flashing her body and shooting her big guns and kicking some major ass in Colombiana.

Why, yes, yes I am.

Zoe Saldana doesn't get nearly enough press for simply being an amazing specimen of hotness; sure, she got her popularity due in half-nekkid blue in Avatar, where fanboys as far West as Comic-Con and as far East as Thargelion breathed in the naughty tail of the sexy Latina. But, now, guns, big powerful guns, as Zoe takes her turn as the latest and greatest Luc Besson female hottie assassin, Sudamericana style this time, where you can count on your high leg kicks, your barely dressed melancholia, and some serious bloody marksmanship. No, I can not wait. Enjoy.

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