Selena Gomez Hot By Day, Hotter By Night (There Is No Cure For This Lust Crush)

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Damn you, my beloved Selena Gomez, singer of the bubble gum songs, purveyor of the hotness, misguided youth with the underaged lesbian midget boyfriend. You are almost becoming too much for me to mentally, emotionally, and internally humidly handle.

Selena Gomez and her whirlwind tour of arenas and shopping malls continued in several cities this week across the U.S. and Canada., would that if my RV, the 'Hercules II" were still in drivable condition, I would follow Selena from town to town so that I might pass-out from lust exhaustion in her presence nightly, or, at least after 9pm when her boyfriend has to be in bed and asleep.

Selena, you make me want to be a better-sighted man. Enjoy.

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