Selena Gomez Gets Spritzed in Florida (With Bonus Concert Video)

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Well, it seems only fair that after causing stress across the entire male gender by way of her revealing bikini photos this past Friday, that Selena Gomez deserved a little taste of her own sextastic medicine, and a solid spray to the face and body courtesy of the flume ride at Universal Studios in Florida. While we were hoping for some wet and clingy t-shirt shots, natch, we'll settle for the salty wet payback provided by this waterway ride.

And, if you're like me, and way too much Selena Gomez these days is simply not enough, and if you can turn your volume down low and ignore the popping bubble gum musical notes, check out this two minute clip from super close-up at Selena's concert over the weekend after the jump. It's bare-midriff and slight thong flash wonderment.

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