Sara Paxton Just So Damn Adorable at Shark Night 3D Premiere

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Sara Paxton is so cute, I just want to wrap her up into a little ball and put her in my pocket, or, you know, strip her of her clothing, take her down to my basement dungeon/spa, and cover her in exotic oils extracted from the nether-region glands of endangered species. I could go either way.

The buxom blonde mini-bombshell owned the rather short red carpet at the weekend premiere party for Shark Night 3D, a horrific flick about a bunch of hottie teens who get devoured by fresh water mutated sharks because they just can't figure out that if they stay on dry land, the sharks can't get them. Okay, it's shlock, but it's sexy Sara Paxton bikini-laden shlock, which makes it more than alright by me. Enjoy.

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