Rita Rusic Bikini Pictures for Full-Bosom Appreciation Day

In case you're not Boot-schooled and familiar with Rita Rusic, she's the Croatian born Italian actress and film producer and one time wife of Italy's most prominent movie , Vittorio Cecchi Gori, the two making such films together as Life is Beautiful, the best Foreign Language Oscar winner in 1997. But, all of that curriculum vitae pales in comparison to the glorious veteran mammaries on display this past weekend on Miami Beach courtesy of Rita Rusic and her multiple bikini summer vacation.

Oh, mama, those are some fluffy pillows of happiness. Yes, yes, important filmmaker, but, let us never forget the pleasure that is passed on to millions of gentleman oglers by the mere combination of grade-A melons and an undersized bikini, especially a somewhat mature women wearing them so very well. Now, that's entertainment. Enjoy.

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