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Rihanna Goes One Love With One Hot Body in Barbados

Oh, Rihanna, you are having some kind of hot-body week down in the homeland of Barbados. It's hard to imagine how insanely popular, rich, and hot Rihanna must be on her own little neighborhood island, even more so than just to the general world population. And while they may well be used to her sweet-arse and body flouncing around the docks and shores, it's still all relatively new to the rest of us, and, well, Bob Marley never looked so damn sexy. Let's be clear about this, not all hot celebs look so hot when soaking wet and just out of the sea; but Rihanna sure as heck does.

We get letters from Barbados chiding us for making such a big deal out of Rihanna flaunting her body because the good island folks are generally very open about their flesh and sensuality. A big deal? This is a huge deal, working well in our ogling favor I might add. Enjoy.

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