Nina Adgal Lingerie Pictures Another Sign of the Coming Danish Wave

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Remember how I told you  that uber-sexy model Nina Agdal was going to be the next big Danish export? Of course you do, you studied for this test. Well, Nina's latest lingerie photoshoot just about seals the deal for the Scandinavian delight; she's arrived, and she's wearing hardly any clothes, and we couldn't be more happy for her matriculation. One year from today, her name is going to be mentioned with some of the greats in the world of skimpy little silky thing modeling. Today, just watch our little girl get all grow'd up nicely. Enjoy.

Check out Nina Agdal's test shoot for Elite and see if you don't see the heart breaking of men around the world in her immediate future.

nina-agdal-lingerie-elite-testby EgotasticMedia

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