Minka Kelly Hot on the Faux Catwalk, But Probably Oughta Worn a Thong

(UPDATE: We just posted a picture on the Egotastic! Facebook page that might give some 'upskirt' clue as to the color of the full-bloomers Minka is obviously wearing around the Charlie's Angels set.)

Oh, don't even get me started on troubles with my pantylines showing. I mean, just how many times am I going to get busted by Victoria's Secret security sneaking merchandise out of the store in my pocket?

Speaking of thongs, I'm not sure why the ridiculously sexy (and newly single) Minka Kelly did not dip into her personal lingerie collection for a pair of panties that didn't stick out beneath her sheer dress on the catwalk during the filming of the new Charlie's Angels in Miami. Don't get me wrong, anything Minka Kelly-related is uber hot, and if you someday found a disturbing picture of me chewing on her elastic undergarment bands in a quiet corner, after a few moments pause you'd have to admit you were not surprised, still, Minka, baby, you're all about curves, not lines. Thong it. Enjoy.

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