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Lourdes Leon Bikini Pictures Debut The Next Gen Material Girl

Well, the Blonde Ambition didn't exactly beget another blondie, but given the all-too complicated past love and boot-knocking lives of Madonna, including her ongoing lair of young tanned men held hostage, I suppose it's somewhat upside-ish that Madonna only produced one female offspring during her sexual revolution, an heiress to take her place when her pop mission is complete. Lourdes Leon has been slowly unveiled upon the world by way of Madonna Mama, running her own little clothing line now or something, modeling, and just hanging out at big swank parties and vacation spots and yachts around the world. I guess these first bikini pictures of Lourdes are another type of unveiling, and while we assume Mom was quite precocious and world-wise at her daughter's age, we'll leave Lourdes to the best impressions of innocence, until proven otherwise. Enjoy.

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