Kim Kardashian vs. Amy Childs: Battle of the Big Curves in the Little Red Dress

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Oh, how I'd love to be kindly to Kim Kardashian with just two weeks before her special day, you know, that time in a girl's life when she ropes some poor, tall, pro-athlete sucker into marrying her for the purposes of creating TV magic, and, ergo, more cash-money for the family business. So, I'm going into this battle between Kim in a form-fitting red dress versus The Only Way is Essex super-boobtastic hottie, Amy Childs, bound curves in her own little scarlet number, with an open mind, and an undone zipper (hide the children, please). And, well, to be as nuptially-season kind as possible, maybe I'll call it a draw, but to be perfectly honest, well I think the future hotness may be skewed away from Calabasas and more toward Essex. Enjoy.

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