Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, Wonder Money Twins Power Activate

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Now, I may be color-blind, but I know the color of money, and it's red and yellow and strutting their four shapely legs back in New York City. Fresh off her Wedding Episode production in Los Angeles, followed by a brief, staged honeymoon, Kim Kardashian and tinier hottie sister, Kourtney Kardashian, were back in the Big Apple, decked out for oglers, bright colors for the cameras, and strutting their multi-million dollar curves according to whatever whacky plans their reality show script outlined for the day. Perhaps being business girls, relationship problems, or just pulling another funny fast one on old dad, these two boobtastic bundles of joy simply can not be stopped.

By the way (BTW for those of you under 20), there are rumors that Kris Humphries, the poor tall dupe picked to be the latest Kardashian husband, might be making a bid to buy back the rights to the Kim Kardashian sex tape from Vivid. This makes such little sense on so many levels, but, I suppose there is something to be said for romance not being dead. A man offering to buy your raunchy sex tape off the market. How gallant. Enjoy.

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