Kate Upton Tugs the Sexy Udders for Complex Magazine (VIDEO)

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Kate Upton is OMG hot. As in, Oh, My Gonads, Kate Upton, you are so damn hawt. This blonde busty model has shot out of seemingly nowhere in 2011 to dominate the glamour and lingerie modeling scene in the U.S. and now abroad, and, heck, yes, she deserves this career success. In her latest bendable and boobtastic venture, Great Kate puts on a country hot display for Complex magazine, milking a Guernsey and giving each and every living man on this planet some notions of what he might ought do with Kate Upton, a low-stool, and some cold morning hands.

Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video from Complex magazine and their Uptonian Boobtastic photoshoot. It's quite amazing. Enjoy.

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