Jennifer Lopez, Tight Leather Pants, D'at Rump, My Heart

Here I was just last week wondering if Eva Longoria was the most eligible single lady in Hollywood, when I completely forgot about the diva-of-the-derriere herself, Jennifer Lopez, freshly single, forever hot, with just enough megamillions to keep me in the lifestyle I've become accustomed to, in my dreams at least.

Jennifer Lopez was showing off the body and booty this week on the set of her new music video for some craptastic new song, all of which pales in comparison to the sight of J-Lo in leather pants. It's kind of exactly how I imagine she looks when she agrees to be my sex-slave in exchange for my nine year old JanSport Backpack with half a Warped Tour sticker glued on it; I'm a very good bargainer. Jennifer, you not only make my list, your veteran hotness make me shed tears that make my list get all soggy and illegible. Enjoy.

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