I Admit... I'm Still Very Much in Lust With Katie Holmes

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Yep. The 'L' word. I've got it still for Katie Holmes. I know some of you have fallen off the wagon since the salad days of Dawson's Creek, what with the baby making, the Tom-marrying, and the Xenu-bowing, but, I just can't help thinking about making the sexy with this now mature woman.

Katie Holmes has been running the New York media pimping circuit the past couple of days, promoting Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, including a little Charades playing on Jimmy Fallon last night, and just looking all kinds of young mommy hot. I'm not exactly sure what odd bedroom habits she may have picked up in the past few years -- the cutting of the magic coital cloth, the laying of the penile wreath -- I care not but to break her of these bad habits and return her to some old school, behind the Dairy Queen style humping. Enjoy.

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