Denise Richards Keeping Her MILFy Ways, But Maybe Losing Her Mind

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The soon-to-turn-40 sextastic MILF, Denise Richards was showing just how hot a mom can look in shorts in Santa Monica yesterday, even amid distressing reports that she was going to move her and her two kids, well, three now actually that she just did the Hollywood actress adoption thing, move the whole gang into the gated community where Charlie Sheen resides. Now, correct me if i'm wrong, but those gates are there for a reason. No, not to keep the riff-raff out, to keep crazy-ass-King-crack-a-lot behind bars where he can't chase his womenfolk around the kitchen table with knives or have guns fire off accidentally when he drops trou. Oh, Denise, think with your hotness for a moment. Find a place far away; this is why Skype was invented, to stay connected with dangerous relatives. Stay safe. And, enjoy.

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