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Daniela Ruah Hotness Makes Me Want to Commit a Self-Inflicted Crime of Passion

Today, I am so happy. Well, everyday I am so happy; it's mostly the new medication, working wonders. But, also, because for all your Daniela Ruah lusters, newly formed from NCIS: Los Angeles, or maybe you go way back to her days in the Portuguese language soaps (in which case, you earn extra EgoPoints for sure), we can finally say hello, howdy, and how-do-you-do-hot-mama, by way of the ridiculously sexy Daniela Ruah pictorial in the current Esquire magazine. Oh, how I'd love about fifteen minutes to Criminally Investigate Daniela in all of her skimpy little outfits. Such a hot body. Lots and lots of happiness. Enjoy.

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