Chloe Sims Flashes Her Two Turntables at a London Club

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I must admit, I don't get the whole 'DJ' thing. When I was a kid this basically meant running to the CD player to hit the REPLAY button on my MC Lyte disc that had all the young ladies (the two I could get to my junior parties, admittedly, one was my cousin) throwing their hands up in the air like they just didn't care. Today, it's somehow a celebrity occupation of sorts; pushing buttons and making the youngin's on ex and appletinis get all sweaty and throwing shoutouts to the mixmasters and their manual dexterity.

But, when Chloe Sims, another hottie from the smash reality hit, The Only Way is Essex, parks her double-barreled cannons up in the DJ booth, then it's time to start appreciating the disc jockey once more. The cleavage show was stupendous. Now, that, I get. Spin them funbags, maestro. Enjoy.

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