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Bar Refaeli Agua Bendita Hotness (And How She Works That Body)

Ever since she dropped the beard and picked up a boyfriend, it's hard to deny that Bar Refaeli has looked a whole lot happier. Sort of a mixed bag of emotions for those of us who want to see her jolly from pleasures of the flesh, but kind of sort of wish we had dibs on the honors. What isn't in doubt is how hot Bar looks in this years catalog book for Agua Bendita swimwear. Yes, kitschy, yes, for 'da ladies', but for the Bar Refaeli Body Appreciation Society, this is a bit like Christmas morning.

Oh, and in case you're wondering how Bar gets in shape for her bikini photo shoots, she passed along a few fun photos of herself getting into shape (outside of the newfound boot knocking that is). Oh, to be the lucky towel in her gym bag she uses to towel off. Mmm. And, enjoy.

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