Amanda Seyfried Goes Sexy Ginger Just 'In Time'

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I'm quite sure I just saw a trailer for the Timberlakian-Seyfried-Wilde sci-fi movie In Time in the theaters a couple weeks ago, and it's supposed to be flickering on screens in just a couple months time, and, yet, they are clearly still filming fresh footage. Ruh-roh. While that may not be the most optimistic note for this film whose name has been changed more times than my Uncle Krevvy when he has anything to drink after 6pm, it does mean more shots of the sextastic Amanda Seyfried in her hot little futuristic trashy costumes on the set of the film. While 'birthday suit' comes immediately to mind as preferred apparel for my private fantasy time with Amanda Seyfried, a little bit of bustier and leather would definitely not be scoffable. Enjoy.

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