Alison Haislip Nerdy Sexy Cute For Maxim

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Attack of the Loin-Stoppers! Alison Haislip, the latest hottie from the G4 assembly line of fanboy faptastic correspondents, took it all off (minus the sexy lacy bra and panties) for the current edition of Maxim, and, might I say, I was compelled to write some correspondence of my own:

Dear Alison,

Do you like men who drive sporty edition Corollas and almost won a million dollars, twice, playing McDonald's Monopoly? Do you like long walks in the rain and leaky roof apartments with water damage? Do you like Four Loko, vintage 2010 served in spit cups swiped from the dentists office? Alison, please consider the upside of our potential romance, most notably, the upside for me in seeing you nekkid.



I eagerly await her response.

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