Adriana Lima Show (and Heart) Stopping Hotness on Display in the Big Apple

While we celebrate a solid week of Victoria's Secret model hotness, and it has been a wonderful week for one of my top three lingerie brands this week (oh yes, I keep lingerie company lists, not to mention, quite extensive collection of samples), we would be remiss not to include the ridiculously sexy Adriana Lima, presenting the V.S. Showstopper underwear collection, of which can be said, when worn by Adriana Lima, it truly is a showstopper.

We have noted of late how more and more celebrities themselves are calling out Adriana Lima as their example of the hottest butt on the scene, if not the most amazing body. While I don't trust celebrities when it comes to politics or social surveys, they may just be onto something with their crowning of Adriana as hot body non pareil. Check out these new Forum Spring 2012 Modeling pics to help aid in your decision. Enjoy.

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