Young Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Vows to Be Mrs. Sexy

Okay, this is for Gretchen, my dutiful six-fingered assistant and gal Thursday (she don't work on Fridays), who is infatuated with this entire Courtney Stodden sordid affair. Courtney is the sixteen year old erstwhile country singing tartlet who recently married Doug Hutchinson, an occasional movie actor in his 50's, both of them claiming the spiritual majesty of their blessed union, with the semi-spastic Courtney repeatedly mentioning saving her maidenhead for marriage. Way to hold out until your 16th birthday, Courtney.

Anyhow, as modern media goes, this knucklehead Lolita and her cringe-inducing new Mister have become celebrities, and, thus, my dear Gretchen is bound by female genetic law to follow their story. Now that sixteen year old Courtney is all 'gittin it up in the 'gina' legally thanks to parental consent for her nuptials, we thought we'd share with you her newfound attempts to bring the sexy to her public persona. Enjoy.

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