Young Hottie Phoebe Tonkin Looks Ready to Flash Her Secret Circle

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Say hello (and happy 22nd birthday) to Aussie actress Phoebe Tonkin. I highly suspect you're going to be seeing much more of this hot young brunette on here in the coming months. Our friends from Down Under will know Phoebe from some kids show in the Aussie homeland where she plays a mermaid you'd most like to skinny dip with. Now, she's landed in Vancouver, Canada, which can mean only one thing -- another CW show. This time, Kevin Williamson's latest, The Secret Circle, where Phoebe Tonkin will play a young hottie witch (her mother played by Natasha Henstridge -- this could be epic)

Phoebe Tonkin, welcome to Egotastic! This is most definitely the start of a beautiful relationship. Enjoy.

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