Whitney Port Bikini Pictures Remind Us of Something We Do Lust About Whitney

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it's the bikini body. Just to giveaway the obvious answer.

Oh, we may have little understanding of why Whitney Port is so popular amongst the female lip-glossian set, or why she is considered a style icon or a fashion maven, or why girls from tween age to nursing homes sit nervously on the edge of their seats, or Hoverounds, waiting for Whitney to issue a papal edict on trendy summer purses, but we do get hot toned celebrity bodies. We admire them. We worship them. If hot celebrity bodies were available to purchase at Nordstroms like the purses are, we'd round up our buddies and giggle our way over to the store with our parents credit cards to buy one ASAP. But, alas, the destiny of the gentleman ogler is but to window shop. And leer at Whitney Port in a bikini on the beaches of Miami, taken in the midday sun as she no doubt contemplates yet another genius skort-ensemble. Enjoy.

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