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Vanessa Hudgens Grins a Naughty Grin When She’s Pimping Her Candies (VIDEO)

Personally, I'm pleased that despite the fact that not so long ago, the petite and sexy Vanessa Hudgens liked to get her girl-drink on and snap some photos of her tenders, family friendly folks like Disney and teeny-bopper brands like Candies have stuck by her. I suppose it's more of a financial calculation than a philosophical stand, still, a world where young women are punished for chugging a couple Mike's Hard Lemonades and digitally scanning their bare cooch, I don't want to live in that world. And, in that spirit, we have this delightfully sexy look behind the scenes of Vanessa Hudgens for her most recent photoshoot in her role as head pimpstress of all things wholesome and decent for little girls that want every so badly to look like their older promiscuous sisters. Hey, now, that is the world I want to live in.

If you lust Vanessa Hudgens, you will quite thrill in this little look behind the camera.

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