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Selena Gomez Sweet Young Sextastic Owns the Night in Boca Raton

Te amo, Selena.

My beautiful sweet young sultry Latina pretending to be a pop star, with no need to pretend that you're super hot, pushing up the boobtastic and flashing the legs on stage before throngs of screaming teen girls that ironically seem to be expressing the exact same primal urges I feel bellowing from my being every time I see you. The second stage of the Selena Gomez music tour hit Florida last night, sadly, with The Devil's Midget boyfriend in tow, carried in a doggy travel bag or something, but even the little 'tween lesbian looking underaged beau could not ruin a night dedicated to the hotness that is Selena Gomez. She sang her craptastic pop songs, but who could even hear the music when the sensation of sextastic was so strong in the air. Selena Gomez is growing into a woman. Deal with it (I mean, in your own way and with the door locked, preferably). Enjoy.

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