Reese Witherspoon Flashes Her Rarely Seen Lower Tummy Tattoo

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Whoa, Reese, baby, get a hold of yourself, you wild child.

It's rare, if ever, that we get to see the skin of our belusted little blondie Reese Witherspoon, recently remarried and always ever so covered up. But for the Fourth of July, Reese hit the beach in a non-so daring, but very rare bit of bikini that flashed glimpses of an unduly noted tattoo on her under-carriage, just north of her passion center mall. Why, Ms. Witherspoon, I do believe you have gone punk.

Well, maybe not exactly full MILF rebel, Reese is a veteran hottie and we'd love to know if she has any other secret tattoos we could ogle. Enjoy.

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