Olivia Munn Twitpics Cosplay Prep Pics for Comic-Con... Fanboys Collapse

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Fanboys, unite. Olivia Munn, your former high priestess of all things sci-faptastic made her return to the throne this weekend at the big Comic-Con down in San Diego, of which we will have much more visual coverage coming shortly. But, for now, how could we miss Olivia Munn twitpicking herself getting ready in her hotel room from hottie to Sailor Moon cosplay sextastic, a site for sore eyes, and nerd hands. Olivia Munn is a spectacle of super awesome, wrapped in a cloak of geekdom, all laid out deliciously in a costume-fetishy persona. It's a complex recipe that works so very well for her. Enjoy.

Oh, by the way, here's the after dress up result. We had to cut out her photobombing gal pal to keep the fanboys vibrating at a constant 6 faps per seconds (fps), so pardon the small size of the photo.

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