Michelle Hunziker, Won't You Please By My Mommy?

I'm growing weary of merely ogling my Swiss Miss hottie Michelle Hunziker in the conventional manner. I mean, a man can only take so much of the never-ending bikini vacation this extraordinarily hot-bodied MILF has been on for about a month now, including these Michelle Hunziker bikini pictures from her latest beach run along the Mediterranean. No, no more binoculars from afar to catch sight of that veteran asstastic. No more peeks into the beach showers for a glimpse of milky heaven. It's time for me to be adopted. Michelle Hunziker, won't you please be my mommy?

Just imagine the number of bed time tummy aches I would strangely incur. Why, my new mommy would be placing a hot water bottle and kisses on my faked tender midriff nightly. When the nightlight somehow burned out prematurely, oh, the Stephanie Seymour-esque adventures I would have with my new mom. Dare to dream. And, enjoy.

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