Louise Roe Brings Her British Bikini Body to the Sunshine State

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Okay, so maybe you don't have a girlfriend who makes you watch fashion shows. Or, maybe you just don't have one to serve as a cover story because you secretly love watching those shows yourself (I'm talking about a friend of mine here). But, if you happen to catch Plain Jane, then you know of Britty young fashion plate Louise Roe, who between her accent and her body, could probably actually convince me to put on matching socks one of these days. Well, thankfully, I, I mean, my friend, can now share Louise Roe with the rest of the Yankee world because the primstress finally took to showing some skin on U.S. soil this past weekend, baring the bikini body on multi-bikini vacation in Miami, where all your fine limeys go to work on their tans that won't ever really come. Now, my friends, you know Louise Roe. Enjoy.

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