Lais Ribeiro Sexy Show for Victoria's Secret Cotton Lingerie, Just Like Miranda Kerr One Year Ago (VIDEO)

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Wow, it's almost like two hot sisters in lingerie tag-teaming their way out onto the private runway of your libido for cotton-panties torture of the most delightful kind. One year ago, Miranda Kerr shocked a billion male private parts into submission with her Victoria's Secret commercial for the cotton lingerie line. Now, one year later, Brazilian hottie model Lais Ribeiro receives the honor of making cotton into one of the finer fabrics to ever touch a sexy woman's body, in this ridiculously hot commercial from the masters of all things lingerie and hot models. Wow. It's almost too much. But, given that too much is never enough, Lais Ribeiro in sexy cotton lingerie is simply perfect. Enjoy.

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