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Lady Justice Boobtastics: Kim Kardashian vs. Melissa Molinaro

I'll steal your honey like I stole your bike.

Well, self-described actress and singer Melissa Molinaro done up and stole Reggie Bush with her Kim Kardashian styled looks, but when she tried to put her hands on Kardashian coin, oh, the fur did fly and the lawyers did mutter and now Kim Kardashian is suing the shizz out of everybody under the sun. You simply do not touch Kardashian money, that's O.G. money, from the Calabasas mafia, and you shall be served. When Old Navy started using ads featuring Melissa and comparing her to Kim, enough was enough. Paperwork was filed to the tune of $20+ million in damages. Do not eff with a family whose daughters have gotten off more professional athletes than even their famous lawyer daddy. Enjoy.

(P.S. Can you find the Melissa Molinaro upskirt?)

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