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Lady Gaga Highlights Her Best Sights: Her Little Monsters

You know by now I don't get the whole Lady Gaga phenomenon. But, then again, I never understood Pokémon or Huffing as valid forms of entertainment. But, I do get boobs. And when Gaga flashes most all of her tatas whilst in public, I am bound to respect the process. Word is, Gaga was at Chateau Marmont last evening when she felt compelled to exhibit extreme cleavetastic whilst bringing McDonald's sustenance to a gaggle of groupies camped outside her hotel. (And, by the way, if you're looking for a hands-on social experiment you won't soon forget -- spend an hour embedded in a Lady Gaga superfan camped-out quorum.). Still, a girl who shows off her flapjacks AND brings you McDonald's when you're feeling grubby? Props to Gaga. Enjoy.

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