Kristen Stewart Looking Sexier and Less Smiley Than Ever!

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I've received many letters on the subject of Kristen Stewart and her perma-pout, so let me first say, no, I don't believe that Kristen Stewart never smiles. I just believe she almost never smiles. Sure, when she sees one of those more obviously tormented road-kill, or perhaps witnesses the ice cream topple from a young girls cone in the park, she probably offers up a genuine LOL. But, for the most part, it sure is hard to get this emo-girl to grin.

Nevertheless, on the very much a plus side, Kristen is looking absolutely hot these days. I'm not sure she's ever looked better. Even just running about town in a baby tee and jeans, she's looking chesty and sexy and all kinds of bouncy joy joy fun. Quite lust-inducing even if she doesn't smile. Facial expression are vastly overrated anyhow. Enjoy.

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