Kim Kardashian Short Skirt and Shopping In the Face of Her Detractors

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Kim Kardashian had her curves packed into a short skirt yesterday, out and about in Beverly Hills doing some shopping and trying to avoid the blowback from her Twitter post about the Casey Anthony verdict and the obvious responses it received about her own dad being a key player in keeping O.J. Simpson from a guilty verdict more than fifteen years ago. And, not just because she has big boobs, do I find myself in the awkward position of wanting to defend Kim from these detractors comments.

  • Is Kim Kardashian primarily famous for being peed on in a sex tape? Yes
  • Does Kim Kardashian have difficulty expressing her thoughts at an intellectual level above an average 6th grader? Yes
  • Is Kim Kardashian on an unyeilding mission to sell every inch of her body and soul for cash money? Yes
  • Is Kim Kardashian likely to blow up like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon within 90 days of saying 'I Do'. Most certainly.
  • But, is Kim Kardashian, or anyone, responsible for the actions of their father? I sure as heck hope not.

You better too. Highly unfair. There is so much to criticize about the Kardashian mafia, but daddy's past work efforts ought not be one of them. IMO. Now, please, if we could, let's go back to staring at her boobs.

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