Kim Kardashian Provides Afternoon Cleavetastic Delights at the Noon by Nooner Fashion Show

Kim Kardashian confuses me.

Yes, it's true, she is a multi-level marketing scheme taken human form. Yes, she would pimp out her own little sisters if it meant making a couple extra bucks for the Kardashian mafia (that's not actually a hypothetical any longer). Yes, she has used the power of her sugar walls to seduce yet another professional athlete into her romantic clutches, and, no, she has not lost the fifteen pounds required to fit into her $100K wedding dress. Still, there is that rack and sexy back to consider; a boobtastic and a fat-fuel-injected badonkadonk that simply will not quit. I suppose this is no different than the age old danger trap posed by curvy womenkind throughout the ages, but in the day and age of form fitting, low-cut clothing, it's become even more trappy. Kim Kardashian is a riddle wrapped in mystery inside a stack of IHOP pancakes. Enjoy.

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