Kendall Jenner Bikini Pictures Seal Her Future Hotness And Perhaps Her Fate

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Whoever it was who freed Kendall Jenner from the Kardashian compound for a bare-midriff bikini splash in Malibu -- bless you.

The hotter, younger, taller Kardashian girl took to the surf in an age-appropriate swimsuit to flaunt her freedom in the face of her conspiring mother and starving to be famous older half-sisters, though perhaps in doing so sealing her fate at the hands of her jealous and janky relatives. Despite Kris Jenner and her 147-page strategic plan for the future commercial pimping of Kendall Jenner, we remain convinced that her dunderheaded, speed-diet riddled sisters will get to her first, hence, our Campaign to Free Kendall, perhaps move her into a foster home for safe keeping or to my personal basement shelter for runaway teenaged girls. I do have quite the bikini collection for her to peruse. (That might sound wrong, and it probably is). Enjoy.


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