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Katy Louise Saunders Bikini Pictures For Your Hot British Export Needs

Is it possible that the U.K. has so much celebrity hotness they're actually now exporting it worldwide? Never thought I'd thunk it. But ex-pat Katy Louise Saunders has been rising on the charts in The Boot in commercials and on TV and film, despite her hyper-English sounding name, her perfect Italian and her sweet hotness and bikini body, are lending to her star credentials. If you're looking for a nice set of casting photos, look no further than these Katy Louise Saunders bikini pictures from her latest Mediterranean vacation. You really must check front and back.

But, let us now be honest. Isn't this post just an excuse for me to highlight a hottie with a perfect asstastic in a wet bikini upon whom I have a particularly strong lust crush? Why, yes it is. Enjoy.

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